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San Diego Farmers Market Guide...The Wanderer Guides

San Diego Farmers Markets Guide

  San Diego is the best place for Farmers Markets: we have great weather all year round (for growing and for holding the markets), we have great local companies eager to share their products, and we have plenty of people interested in buying local and living well.  Because of these wonderful attributes, we have a

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Balboa Park, San Diego

11 Places To Go in San Diego After the Rain

San Diego gets barely any rain.  For natives like us (or maybe only us…), rain is a novelty that’s savored  as much as possible.  We look forward to the forecast when rain’s on the way; we sip tea while the rain sprinkles throughout the city.  We even milk the after rain experience when the city

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Best Hikes in San Diego

Hiking is great fun. You get to experience nature, breathe in fresh air, burn calories and feel rugged all at the same time. And depending on who you’re with or where you go, it can be just as easy and fulfilling as a social visit to Starbucks. Here are some great hikes in San Diego

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