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Fall Gardening Guide. #sandiego #garden #gardening #flowers

Fall Gardening Guide: Fall Plants for San Diego Weather

Fall is a great time for color, and that’s why tons of people travel to the East Coast every year. Here in San Diego’s perpetually mild climate, we don’t have such a pronounced change in color to enjoy while sipping our pumpkin spiced lattes. Alas, there is a way to enjoy Fall color and San

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Propagation or How to Get Free Plants! from The Wanderer Guides Blog. #gardening #gardenideas

The Wednesday Dig: Progagation or How to Get Free Plants

Propagating is a thrifty gardener’s best friend–it’s a way to breed more plants from already established mainstreams or even from kitchen scraps from your very own garden. Let’s define propagation: Propagation: the process of growing new plants from already established plants. Now how do we do that? Select a branch that is at least four

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What to Grow Right Now in San Diego from The Wanderer Guides Blog. Gardening tips every Wednesday!

The Wednesday Dig: What to Plant Right Now in San Diego

Let’s talk about what to plant RIGHT now in San Diego and how to ensure you get good healthy plants out of your efforts. In most areas, April is a little late to start from seed for the early Spring harvest fruits and veggies. This is San Diego though and we’ve got Summer-like conditions all

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How to Grow Super Yummy Tomatoes from The Wanderer Guides Blog!

The Wednesday Dig: How to Grow Super Yummy Tomatoes

I’m Taylor and I’m guest wandering for your normal Wanderer (Pia). I happen to be her better half…much better actually but don’t tell her that. Today we start our weekly Wednesday gardening post called The Wednesday Dig. We recently started our own raised bed garden so our first Wednesday Dig post is on how to

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50 Edible Flowers, Ideas for Your San Diego Garden from The Wanderer Guides Blog.

50 Edible Flowers for Your San Diego Garden

San Diego is a great place to grow a garden. Since The Wanderer Guides loves gardening (one half of us is practically a Master Gardener) and are currently laying out our new raised garden, we want to include posts on gardening in San Diego. Edible flowers are a great addition to cakes, cupcakes, salads and

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