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Your Garden is Beautiful

“Faithful friends who are dear to us Gather near to us once more.” -Judy Garland In a garden there are different categories that our plants fit into: perennials, annuals, evergreen…we divide them based on what time they are most active in growing or flowering and by how long they will live.  I think this is

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How to Design Your Garden: Light Fixtures from San Diego is Awesome #garden #gardenideas

How to Design Your Garden: Lighting

Continuing our journey into the world of garden décor, let’s talk about garden lighting. I’m not just talking about a porch light that shines on half of your begonia hedge. I’m talking about the ever expanding and constantly more colorful world of accent lighting. Just like the seating and random ornaments we chose for our garden,

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The Wednesday Dig: How to Pick Awesome Seating for Your Garden

In The Wanderer Guides’s Garden (Patent Pending), we have some beautiful plants. We wouldn’t be able to properly enjoy all the wonderful specimens if it weren’t for the hardscape and décor we stick in the middle of our meandering gardens. Chairs, rocks, little knickknacks, water features, and even paint play a part in an interesting

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Fall Gardening Guide: Get Your Soil Straight from The Wanderer Guides. #sandiego #mulching #gardening

Fall Gardening Guide: Get Your Soil Straight

Last week we covered how to get your garden plants trimmed up for cooler weather. Before you throw away all the litter from the plants you trimmed, let’s talk about getting your soil straightened out. Now is a great time to supplement San Diego’s clay soil with some hard-core compost and organic materials to improve

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Summer Planting in San Diego from The Wanderer Guides Blog. #gardening #gardeningideas #gardenideas #veggiegarden #sandiego

The Wednesday Dig: Summer Planting in San Diego

Alright folks: Summer starts tomorrow and we’re getting ready for fun and sun. Along with fun and sun comes fun in the garden! Here’s a list of what to plant right now in San Diego: Beans, Snap & Pole Good to Plant Mid March – August Beans, Lima Good to Plant Mid April – July Cantaloupe

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Gardening Quotes #qotes #garden #gardenquotes

The Wednesday Dig: Ways to Get Rid of Garden Pests FAST

Today we’re going to focus on quick fixes for those of you who are too lazy to go the IPM route (see last week’s Wednesday Dig post) or for the occasional problem that slips past your best defenses. The most basic, most widely effective and most natural spot killer for your little buggers is very

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