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Your Garden is Beautiful

“Faithful friends who are dear to us Gather near to us once more.” -Judy Garland In a garden there are different categories that our plants fit into: perennials, annuals, evergreen…we divide them based on what time they are most active in growing or flowering and by how long they will live.  I think this is

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Create Your Own Summer Bucket List

I love writing goals and bucket lists. If I could get paid to write them all day long, I definitely would! (If you want to pay me to do this, my email is thewandererguides@gmail.com ;D). Knowing this, you know we have a bucket list for this Summer in San Diego. Create your own to take

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San Diego Bucket List for Locals from The Wanderer Guides Blog

San Diego Bucket List…for Locals

How often do we hear about a friend or even a visitor doing something really cool in our city?  Talk about jealous!  Instead of being too jealous, start your own San Diego Bucket List and get out there and be cool in SD!  Here’s our San Diego Bucket List: Skydive from Otay Lakes (Click on

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San Diego Bucket List for Travelers from The Wanderer Guides Blog!

San Diego Bucket List…for Travelers

Creating a bucket list is one of our favorite things to do.  A bucket list, or goal list, is a list of things one wants to do over a lifetime (although you can have a set time, like 10 years, for them too!).  It can hold anything from the small and achievable (carry a reusable

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