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UCSD Art is Awesome in San Diego #drseuss

Must See San Diego: Art

Art is magical and San Diego is no stranger to magic. We have an amazing city for art, artists, communities and activities. So much so, you’ll have to wait for our awesome San Diego art guide to come out to get all the info! But to whet your appetite in the meantime, make sure you

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USD Exhibit

17 Exhibits to See in July in San Diego

We love checking out our museums and cultural attractions in San Diego. This month brings some great exhibits and closes a few too. Here are the best exhibits to see in San Diego this July: Spitting in the Wind, Oceanside Museum of Art. Check out the works of four artist friends while they lived in

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in San Diego 2014

Happy early Mother’s Day! If you haven’t realized, Mother’s Day is this Sunday (and if you haven’t realized yet, you probably need this info the most!). There are a lot of ways to celebrate and make your mama feel special. If you need some inspiration, here are some cool ideas and happenings around San Diego. Mama’s Day

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Exhibit Profile: Sin Diego at San Diego History Center

When we first found out the San Diego History Center was going to open an exhibit about the sultry side of San Diego’s past, you know we were intrigued. Of course, we made sure to see it the first weekend it opened! Sin Diego is a great exhibit for anyone interested in San Diego’s past,

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17 Exhibits to See in April in San Diego

There’s a lot to see and do in San Diego this month, especially in the museum world. Let’s get out and see some exhibits! Here are 17 great ideas: Sin Diego, San Diego History Center. Learn about the shady side of San Diego in the early 1900s. Just opened. Butterfly Jungle, San Diego Zoo Safari

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San Diego Guide for Art Lovers

San Diego is awesome if you love art, artists and artist communities. We complied a list of the best places to go if you want to experience all the art San Diego has to offer. Follow us for the latest on these cool places, get profiles on current exhibits and more. Borrego Art Institute If

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San Diego Airport Aart #glass #art #airport #cool

San Diego Airport Art Profile

We love the San Diego Airport and not just because we fancy ourselves world travelers (at least someday!). No, we love the Airport for its AMAZING art program. We went to the Airport for a talk and a tour of the public art program last week and it was such a fun time. They have

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San Diego Central LIbrary Exhibit #sandiego #library #art

Exhibit Profile: Renewed at San Diego Central Library

The San Diego Central Library is great in so many ways–cool design, lots of space, massive amount of books. We could go on all day about the awesome gift shop or its baseball memorabilia collection (which is the second largest in the US). But today, we’re going to talk about just one of the many

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