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Your Garden is Beautiful

“Faithful friends who are dear to us Gather near to us once more.” -Judy Garland In a garden there are different categories that our plants fit into: perennials, annuals, evergreen…we divide them based on what time they are most active in growing or flowering and by how long they will live.  I think this is

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Fall Gardening Guide. #sandiego #garden #gardening #flowers

Fall Gardening Guide: Fall Plants for San Diego Weather

Fall is a great time for color, and that’s why tons of people travel to the East Coast every year. Here in San Diego’s perpetually mild climate, we don’t have such a pronounced change in color to enjoy while sipping our pumpkin spiced lattes. Alas, there is a way to enjoy Fall color and San

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5 Best Gardening Tools from The Wanderer Guides. #gardening #gardenideas #ideas #cool #garden

5 Essential Garden Products

Gardening, just like any worthwhile pursuit, requires work, and when we work in the garden, it can be a sweaty affair. Today let’s go over five favorite products to make our labor of love a little more lovely (especially on my lower back…): Spade Tipped Large Shovel. Spade tip shovels are pointy enough to cut through

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What to Plant in San Diego in September

After a brief hiatus, The Wanderers are digging in again. Here’s our advice on what to stick in the ground this month. Remember: in San Diego our growing season never ends. Plant these seeds directly into the garden: carrots radishes beets peas spinach Start seeds in flats for: cabbage chard onions scallions Keep beds moist.

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How to Create a Backyard Flock from The Wanderer Guides Blog. #garden #urbanhomesteading #birds #backyardgarden

The Wednesday Dig: Your Guide to Backyard Birds

Let’s talk about chicks. One joy of raising a garden is seeing the local wildlife enjoy everything you’ve planted. We’ve spent many afternoons watching birds flutter around our backyard and our dogs hanging out next to lizards and dragonflies. Recently, in our quest to become more self-sufficient (and also because we happen to be suckers

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Annuals vs. Perennials from The Wanderer Guides Blog. #gardenings #gardeningideas

The Wednesday Dig: Annuals vs Perennials

Today we’re going to look at some common garden terms and their definitions. Annual Annuals are a type of plant that goes through its entire life-cycle (from seed to flower) in one season. They are almost always outdoor plants and usually refer to plants that live one Summer and die. An easy way to remember an

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Propagation or How to Get Free Plants! from The Wanderer Guides Blog. #gardening #gardenideas

The Wednesday Dig: Progagation or How to Get Free Plants

Propagating is a thrifty gardener’s best friend–it’s a way to breed more plants from already established mainstreams or even from kitchen scraps from your very own garden. Let’s define propagation: Propagation: the process of growing new plants from already established plants. Now how do we do that? Select a branch that is at least four

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Gardening Quotes #qotes #garden #gardenquotes

The Wednesday Dig: Ways to Get Rid of Garden Pests FAST

Today we’re going to focus on quick fixes for those of you who are too lazy to go the IPM route (see last week’s Wednesday Dig post) or for the occasional problem that slips past your best defenses. The most basic, most widely effective and most natural spot killer for your little buggers is very

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