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Fall Gardening Guide. #sandiego #garden #gardening #flowers

Fall Gardening Guide: Fall Plants for San Diego Weather

Fall is a great time for color, and that’s why tons of people travel to the East Coast every year. Here in San Diego’s perpetually mild climate, we don’t have such a pronounced change in color to enjoy while sipping our pumpkin spiced lattes. Alas, there is a way to enjoy Fall color and San

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Fall Gardening Guide: Get Your Soil Straight from The Wanderer Guides. #sandiego #mulching #gardening

Fall Gardening Guide: Get Your Soil Straight

Last week we covered how to get your garden plants trimmed up for cooler weather. Before you throw away all the litter from the plants you trimmed, let’s talk about getting your soil straightened out. Now is a great time to supplement San Diego’s clay soil with some hard-core compost and organic materials to improve

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Fall Gardening Guide from The Wanderer Guides #gardening #gardentips #fall #fallgardening #sandiego

Fall Gardening Guide: How to Trim Back Your Garden

Fall weather is upon us in San Diego (I can tell because this morning I had to scrape icicles off my air conditioner). Fall is full of meaning and wonderful things but Fall in the garden means cleanup. Here in SD, the season isn’t as drastic as it can be in other parts of the

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