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For hip and contemporary art, check out one of the San Diego State University art galleries. To see the one of the best collections of science fiction books in the US, visit SDSU’s main Library.

  • Downtown Gallery: Free
  • University Gallery Free

Downtown Gallery: Thursday-Monday 11am-4pm
University Gallery: Monday-Thursday, Saturday noon-4pm



Downtown Gallery:
University Gallery:

Downtown Gallery: 1-619-501-6370
University Gallery: 1-619-594-5171

Downtown Gallery: 725 W Broadway, San Diego CA 92101
University Gallery: School of Art, Design and Art History, SDSU’s Campus
SDSU Library: 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego CA 92182

Detailed Description:

San Diego State University’s School of Art, Design and Art History maintains two wonderful art galleries for students and the community. The first gallery started on campus (rightfully named the University Gallery) and has been going strong for 30 years. It offers students a chance to learn all the aspects of hosting exhibits and provides the student body and the public a wonderful free resource for art.

SDSU has a lot of fun and interesting art around campus. Visitors should roam around SDSU’s Main Library (Love Library) to see great student art and the amazing Science Fiction collection. The main floor displays a WPA mural created in 1936 by the artist Genevieve Burgeson Bredo; her NRA Packages mural was nicely restored in 2007.

The Library’s Science Fiction collection, Strange Data, Infinite Possibilities, is one of the best science fiction collections in the US. It was started in 1977 by an SDSU professor and has been added to over the years to have numbers in the 5,000s! See such things as a copy of Robert A. Heinlein speech at the 1941 Science Fiction Conference, a typewriter belonging to L. Ron Hubbard (the creator of Scientology as well as a distinguished writer), an original Ray Bradbury screenplay copy and first editions of many books including Jules Verne. See a timeline of Sci Fy history from the publishing of Frankenstein and A Journey to the Centre of the Earth to Hunger Games and the landing of a rover on Mars and see books and memorabilia from Star Wars, Star Trek, Alice in Wonderland, Dune, J.R.R. Tolkien and a lot more!

The student art is located throughout the building–SDSU’s Library purchases new student art from the student shows in campus.

The Downtown Gallery provides a great atmosphere while being close to the city for visitors and locals to check out art related to the SDSU community.


SDSU’s School of Art Building (University Gallery Here):

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SDSU Library Map:

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SDSU’s Downtown Gallery:

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*Hours, prices, etc all subject to change. Check the location’s website to confirm.