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San Diego Bucket List for Travelers from The Wanderer Guides Blog!

San Diego Bucket List…for Travelers

Creating a bucket list is one of our favorite things to do.  A bucket list, or goal list, is a list of things one wants to do over a lifetime (although you can have a set time, like 10 years, for them too!).  It can hold anything from the small and achievable (carry a reusable

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Travel App of the Month

Allstays is a really cool travel app. It shows you where you can stay overnight…aka which Walmart parking areas are free, which parks are good stopping grounds, and which campgrounds are open. We used it going camping along the California coast. In addition to showing every possible type of place you could camp, it shows

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The Wanderer Guides loves San Diego and we want all visitors to be able to explore San Diego in the best way possible. We connect San Diego’s attractions with San Diego’s visitor hubs to ensure all visitors are armed with resources galore to put their best tourist boot forward as they discover the great San

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