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San Diego County Fair Opens in San Diego #sdawesome

Best of San Diego in June

Happy June! San Diego is a great place to be this month with the start of summer and all. Here are the best happenings: National Run Day! Run this fun free run in SD with us! (6/4) Samuel Adams Brew and View (6/5) Friday Night Liberty at Liberty Station (6/6) Historic Home Tour with SOHO (6/6-6/8) Mingei Fusion

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San Diego Sunset from the San Diego Bay #coronadobridge #sandiego #sunset

Must See San Diego: Sunsets

San Diego + beautiful weather + West Coast = awesome sunsets! We have so many amazing places to see sunsets in San Diego. Here’s our list of the best spots: Sunset Cliffs. It’s got the name for a reason! Top of the Hyatt. Sit with a drink and enjoy the beautiful sky, water and city.

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San Diego for Free Guide

What’s better than free? Nothing! There are many free attractions throughout San Diego County so take advantage of them because it’s awesome to have fun and explore for free. Balboa Park Balboa Park is one of the best places in San Diego. Balboa Park is fun to explore and, of course, it’s easy to do

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Kids in San Diego Guide

San Diego’s a kid’s paradise! We have amusement parks, museums, attractions, activities, and so much more. Your kids will love and remember everything they do in SD. Here’s your guide for the best places to take them. Balboa Park Balboa Park is one of the best places in San Diego. With 14 different museums, numerous gardens,

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Visit Solana Beach in San Diego! #sandiego #travelideas #gardens

20 Snippets About Solana Beach

Solana Beach, San Diego is a perfect place to spend an afternoon or a stay-cation trip. How well do you know the city? Here are 20 snippets about Solana: The main part of Solana Beach was first named Lockwood Mesa. We think SB has the better ring to it. Want to experience the outdoors in

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San Diego Stay-cation: Coronado! From The Wanderer Guides Blog. #sandiego #travel

San Diego Stay-cation: Coronado

For those of you who live in San Diego but can’t get away for a major trip (we hope we aren’t the only ones!), look to this stay-cation guide for advice. We’ll be coming out with weekly San Diego Stay-cation Guides for the towns of Coronado, Solana Beach, Julian, Pacific Beach, Downtown San Diego and

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San Diego's Little Italy App

App of the Month

The app we’re featuring this month is great for locals and visitors in San Diego. It makes Little Italy, the Italian neighborhood of San Diego, easy to navigate. The app is called San Diego’s Little Italy and is free to download. It’s very handy. It’s an easy-to-use directory of places in Little Italy. If you’re

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