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Winter Nights at LEGOLAND #winter #legoland #christmastree

17 Exhibits to See in December in San Diego

It’s actually cold in San Diego! Well, at least cold for all of us natives. The cold should send you indoors and what better place to hide out than amazing museums with awesome exhibits? There are some cool exhibits opening and closing this month, so hitting up at least a few is a must do!

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The Complete Frida Kahlo Exhibit #art #frida

Exhibit Profile: The Complete Frida Kahlo

If you want to be absolutely amazed, see The Complete Frida Kahlo exhibit at Liberty Station. The exhibit is all about Kahlo and includes: 123 replicas of her works over 500 pieces similar to what Kahlo would’ve owned or used (including jewelry, clothes and furniture) photographs of Kahlo and her family and friends Whether you

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Arriving from the End at the Japanese Friendship Garden

17 Exhibits to See in November in San Diego

The weather’s starting to get a little cooler and so are the exhibits. November brings some cool exhibit openings in San Diego and some closings too. Here are the 17 exhibits to see in November in San Diego: Arriving from the End, Japanese Friendship Garden. See the bright and colorful works of Bruno Tanonis, who

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Whaley House Profile. #sandiego #whaleyhouse #ghosts #sdawesome

Museum Profile: Whaley House

“You know, a lot of people pooh-pooh it because they can’t see it. But there was something going on in that house.” –Regis Philbin (On Whaley House visit from the 60s) Whaley House History The Whaley House was built in 1857 by Mr. Thomas Whaley. Thomas Whaley was an entrepreneur in every sense of the

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17 Exhibits to See in October in San Diego. #art #sandiego #mcasd

17 Exhibits to See in October in San Diego

Exhibits come and exhibits go but one thing remains the same…it’s October! Ok, that was a pretty lame intro. All jokes aside, there’s nothing lame about the great exhibits going on right now around San Diego. Check out the list of top exhibits to see this month in SD: Please Be Seated, Mingei International Museum.

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17 Exhibits in September in San Diego. #sandiego

17 Exhibits to See in September in San Diego

Now that Summer is dwindling and the seasons are changing (maybe not for us…), museums and their exhibits will change too. September is the month to see great art, toys, harps and more before they leave us for good, and maybe see a couple new exhibits opening too! Here are 17 exhibits to see in

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10 Historical Societies of San Diego. #marstonhosue #sandiego

10 Historical Societies of San Diego

Did you know there are over 40 historical societies in San Diego? And we didn’t even include the countless number of societies preserving the history of museums, buildings, ethnic groups, military groups, women’s groups and more! In the spirit of San Diego’s amazing past, here are 10 historical societies of San Diego to know and

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17 Exhibits to see in San Diego in August from The Wanderer Guides Blog. #scify #sandiego #art #plants

17 Exhibits to See in San Diego in August

The Dog Days of Summer have begun! Spend the last precious month of Summer exploring all San Diego has to offer. In terms of exhibits, there are many cool activities for the picking. Here are the 17 exhibits to see in San Diego in August: On the Fly: Technology Takes Off, Reuben H. Fleet Science

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17 Exhibits to See in July in San Diego from The Wanderer Guides. This is TRASH at The New Children's Museum.

17 Exhibits to See in San Diego in July

Summer is in full swing and so are the exhibits in San Diego. With some exhibits opening, some exhibits closing and some major exhibits you just gotta see, you will have your work cut out for you this month! Here are 17 exhibits to see in San Diego in July: Tony Delap: Selections from 50

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