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The Vine Affair!

We love drinking. I mean not in a “wow all my friends are here to intervene” kind of way but in the more acceptable “lets get together and feel all right” kinda way. And the only thing we love more than drinking with friends is drinking with friends in Balboa Park the cultural center of

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UCSD Art is Awesome in San Diego #drseuss

Must See San Diego: Art

Art is magical and San Diego is no stranger to magic. We have an amazing city for art, artists, communities and activities. So much so, you’ll have to wait for our awesome San Diego art guide to come out to get all the info! But to whet your appetite in the meantime, make sure you

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San Diego Zoo in San Diego #sandiego #zoo

Must See San Diego: 8 Great Places for Kids

Kids love San Diego and can you blame them? We have cool amusement parks, museums, theaters, beaches and more all tailored to kids. Most lists have all our amusement parks as the tops. That’s great but for everyone who wants to show their kids a little more culture in San Diego without throwing out millions,

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San Diego Sunset from the San Diego Bay #coronadobridge #sandiego #sunset

Must See San Diego: Sunsets

San Diego + beautiful weather + West Coast = awesome sunsets! We have so many amazing places to see sunsets in San Diego. Here’s our list of the best spots: Sunset Cliffs. It’s got the name for a reason! Top of the Hyatt. Sit with a drink and enjoy the beautiful sky, water and city.

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Must See San Diego includes La Jolla Cove! #wandersandiego #lajolla #beach

Must See San Diego

We always get asked–what are San Diego’s┬ámust see attractions? Well, we want to answer! And not only answer the must see San Diego places for visitors to San Diego but also San Diego’s must see beaches, places for kids, hikes and more. Check back to the blog every week for a new list of must

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