The Vine Affair!

download (3)We love drinking. I mean not in a “wow all my friends are here to intervene” kind of way but in the more acceptable “lets get together and feel all right” kinda way. And the only thing we love more than drinking with friends is drinking with friends in Balboa Park the cultural center of our beloved city. This Friday, as in tomorrow, Balboa Park begins it’s first annual wine festival: The Vine Affair. Entwined within five tasting galleries spread throughout the museums in the park each location will house several wineries, food vendors and breweries. Beyond taste and smell, the night will be a feast of the senses. See art within the museums, touch and interact with exhibitions, and hear live music in several locations. Below is a list of the museums taking part. Buy Tickets Here. Use Promo Code: Vine20 for 20% off

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