SDSU Energy Show

IMG_6314Each academic year, San Diego State University adopts a campus-wide theme called the Common Experience, which brings the academic community together through the arts, lectures, and in the classrooms. The SDSU Downtown gallery’s latest exhibition Energy: Made in Form, which runs February 4 through March 27, 2016, is a celebration of this year’s theme of “Experience Energy”. The gallery showcases pieces from SDSU students and faculty as well as regional artists. The artists’ interpretations of energy range from symbolically representing social issues or states of being to literal representations of energy in kinetic and electric pieces.


One piece is truly alive. Microbial Life, a collaborative project between professors Anca Segal from the Department of Biology and Arzu Ozkal from the School of Art + Design, is a typographic piece composed of bacteria that will continue to grow and change as the exhibition progresses. Cold Revelation, a hand-carved ceramic pedestal vase sculpture topped by an intricate spire, by undergraduate student Ethan Snow examines spiritual energy through an interpretation of sacred objects.


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By Courtney Harmon, Staff Writer