Theatre Review: Red Planet Respite

La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego #sandiego

Science fiction fans will delight in this quirky show by one of our favorite theatre groups, Circle Circle dot dot. We were so excited to hear they were awarded a residency at the La Jolla Playhouse (another of our favorite theatre places in San Diego) and their first show started it off well!

Red Planet Respite is a story from the future. A small crew travels to Mars to test the first resort experience on the planet and have to face the consequences when an unexpected occurrence in the universe takes place on the trip.

The crew of many different personalities was fun to watch as they faced the trip and clashed as well. We think Soroya Rowley, as the robot Deimos, stole the show as the comic relief through much of the play. Someone needs to find a robo dance contest because she was amazing with all her robotic movements!

The show conveyed the message that space travel should not just be left to scientists–that we all should vest interest in this important topic for the future. It got us talking and we think it will for you too!

Red Planet Respite
Circle Circle dot dot
La Jolla Playhouse
Now thru Sunday

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Red Planet Respite by Circle Circle dot dot in San Diego