Surf Craft @ Mingei Museum

Surf Craft at Mingei Museum in Balboa Park San Diego #wandersandiego

Talk about perfect timing: Surf Craft, at the Mingei International Museum, is a great summer exhibit in San Diego. Enjoy surfboards of all different shapes and sizes from around the world, made from many different types of materials (ironing board, wood slabs, etc).

We loved seeing the very first boogie board in this exhibit (made by Tom Morey in 1971) and we couldn’t get over how anyone could surf on some of the ginormous boards. There’s definitely an art to surfing and a craft to making surfboards and it’s fun to see this collection of them. And a nod to the installation crew: we thought the background music in the exhibit set the surfer vibe so well we wanted to grab a board and spend the day at the beach (disclaimer: do not grab or touch any boards here).

Surf Craft is great for families, surfers and anyone who loves the awesomeness of summer.

Exhibit Info
Surf Craft
Mingei International Museum
Now thru January 11, 2015
Mingei Website

Surf Craft at Mingei Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego #travel