Theater Review: No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home by Circle Circle dot dot at the OB Playhouse #sandiego

Have you ever been to the Ocean Beach Playhouse? We hadn’t…that is until last night’s intriguing show by theater group, Circle Circle dot dot.

We got to OB early to walk around before attending the opening night and world premiere of No Place Like Home. The OB Playhouse is a cool spot to go for a show. It’s an intimate venue with interesting art, decorations and vibe. As soon as we walked up to the front doors, we could tell we’d love the spot (skulls adorned the roof of the front door overhang. We dig that.).

The show was impressive. Many of the players were out onstage pre-show singing, drumming and strumming away on guitars, boxes and other music makers. It set the vibe right away and we loved renditions of Van Morrison, Britney Spears and more.

The acoustic musical followed the life of a homeless girl, Daisy, who also happens to be disabled. We were impressed because it sounded like an incredibly bleak topic but it was handled in a way to give respect and recognition to a different group of people in San Diego society. And it was interesting, fun, thought-provoking and even funny at times.

We highly recommend getting to this show before it endsĀ June 7th. If anyone hasn’t heard of the real life organization that gave director, Soroya Rowley, her inspiration, check it out here. We think it’s pretty amazing too!

No Place Like Home
Circle Circle dot dot
May 23-June 7

Ocean Beach Playhouse
4944 Newport Avenue
Circle Circle dot dot website