5 Cool San Diego Coffee Shops to Try Today

Bird Rock Coffee #lajolla #sandiego

We’re OBSESSED with coffee shops. We love reading, chatting, working and generally hanging out at coffee shops around San Diego, and if that’s wrong, we don’t wanna be right (too cheesy?). We’ve been dying to do a best-coffee-shops-in-SD type post but we haven’t tried all the cool places on our list yet! So, here are our 5 favorite so far…here are 5 cool coffee shops to try today:

  1. Bird Rock Coffee: The Bird Rock area in La Jolla is adorably cute and so is this awesome coffee shop. Great hangout (and it’s always busy so you all must agree!).
  2. Subterranean Coffee: We made this post specifically because of this coffee shop–we loved it sooo much. Why? Great vibe, awesome location in North Park, lots of options (almond milk, vegan food, etc) and it has an amazing tea list thanks to Tea Gallerie (they’ll be featured when we do our favorite tea places).
  3. LeStat’s (Normal Heights): LeStat’s is that cozy eclectic living room you wish you had. And to top it off, they serve delish coffee! Great late night hangout.
  4. Santos Coffee: We love this off the main-street coffee shop because of its up-and-coming location. It’s in a cool corner community (32nd and Thorn) and has a great covered patio area.
  5. The Living Room (College Area): A comfy cozy study zone for SDSU kids and also The Wanderer Guides! We love the yummy coffee and we love that the outdoor area has outlets.

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