Exhibit Profile: Feast at The New Children’s Museum

Feast at The New Children's Museum in San Diego #art #newchildrensmuseum

Is it wrong that we love The New Children’s Museum despite not having kids? The New Children’s Museum is the museum you wish your parents took you to when you were young. It’s innovative, hip, interactive and fun.

We went for a yoga event last week (keep an eye out for its third year next year!) and thoroughly enjoyed playing around in the building beforehand. The exhibit on view is Feast: The Art of Playing with your Food and it’s a delight for kids, parents and random awesome people like us!

The exhibit consists of many different artists using a food theme in different but cohesive ways. Areas allowing kids to make paper out of pulp, smell scratch-and-sniff wallpaper and sit in cool fruit chairs engage kids and open their minds in creative ways. We especially loved the chicken coop in front of the building–chickens are cool!

Go to this exhibit if you love creativity and want to promote it in your kids. Definitely go if you have kids and want to keep them entertained for a few hours!

Exhibit Info
Feast! The Art of Playing with your Food
The New Children’s Museum

The New Children’s Museum Website


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