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San Diego State University Student Union #sdsu

We heart the new San Diego State University Student Union. Officially called the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Center (after one of our favorite San Diegans, Conrad Prebys), this great architectural wonder of the SDSU campus officially opened last week. Here’s a little background on the building and what to see when you check it out.

Does anyone else remember the old student union? A little drab if you ask us. It was the first student union in the California State University system when it was built in 1968 but the Aztec population has grown immensely since and the campus needed something bigger and better. In 2010, the student population decided they were ready for a new center for the school. Four short years later, it’s here!

Why do we love the new building?
It’s LEED Platinum, which we find irresistibly cool, and the building was built using about 80% of the materials from the old student center. Talk about recycling to the extreme! It’s beautiful and totally fits the campus: the San Diego vibe of SDSU is continued in this building and we love the turquoise and brick accents. It has everything from a bowling alley to an Oggi’s.

About Conrad Prebys
Conrad Prebys is an influential San Diegan of today. He has donated heavily to so many San Diego organizations, including The Old Globe, San Diego Zoo, The Salk Institute, UCSD, San Diego Opera and Scripps Health. He just made an incredible donation of $20 million to SDSU and the money will be used to help students pay for college. As someone with more school loan burdens than cells in my body, I can really appreciate what an amazing gift this will be to 150 SDSU students every year. In addition to being so generous, we love how humble and approachable he seems–at the ribbon cutting and dedication last Friday, he had us in tears (well, just me) because of his kind nature. We’d love to talk to this amazing guy one day!

What to see when you go:
Lots! First of all, here’s the online guide to the building. Some of the highlights include:

  • Aztec Lanes (the bowling alley)
  • Goldberg Courtyard (for relaxing outdoor seating and performances)
  • The Habit Burger (Taylor’s favorite burger place)
  • ARC Express (the fitness center)
  • The view of the campus from the second and third floors
  • Starbucks (a big location…Pia loves it)
  • Oggi’s Pizza
  • Aztec Market (if you love healthy brands of food, you’ll go gaga over this cool market)
  • Events

Make sure to spend an afternoon in this cool new structure to San Diego!


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