Lazy Guide to the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & 1/2 Marathon

Lazy Guide to the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego #sandiego #running #fitness

Warning: Laziness is never recommended and the more you’re not lazy in prepping for your race, the more fun you’ll have. That being said, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is so much fun. Even with minimal training, a relatively healthy individual will enjoy their race day beyond belief!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is pretty awesome. I fell in love with it way before there were races all over the world. I fell in love with the original Rock ‘n’ Roll race: the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego.

This series is unlike any other because it was the first to prove fun racing is the best and most popular racing. Color runs and costume runs weren’t even the norm 5 years ago, but the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego has been bringing the rock ‘n’ roll party since 1998. Elvis impersonators, bands, cheerleaders, costumes, charity racing, post-race parties and concerts and really cool medals make this race amazing! It feels like you’re doing the rounds at the big Mardi Gras party rather than moving your tush 26.2 miles. If you grew up as a non-runner like I did, you can really appreciate this party race!

All the marathon runners are convinced to race already, but what about all of us normal folks who stay healthy and active without stressing about running journals and counting every ounce of protein that goes into our bodies? Here are some tips for the lazy, easy-going and novice runners/walkers who want to finish the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon or 1/2 Marathon while enjoying the party too:

Have a reason to run or walk. Training and completing mile after mile isn’t always easy. There’ll be some tough times for even the most athletic. But, when you have a reason to do it, the tough times are minimal and are easier to overcome. Some great reasons to do the race: to race for charity, to enjoy the beautiful San Diego outdoors (it’s winter still and we have 80 degree weather people), to prove you can, to do your first marathon, to get a cool medal and shirt (check shirt below!), to complete a race with your spouse, to test your limits, etc. Find your reason.

Sign up with a discount. Get $10 off with our discount code: HLRUNSSD. Sign up as soon as possible! This will keep you accountable, make sure you get a spot and give you the lowest price possible. Sign up on the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Website.

Do at least a few runs/walks a week and start now. The race isn’t for a few months but that’s not that far away. Start now and be active at least 3 times a week. I like to follow basic guidelines to feel confident that I can do the mileage come race day, so of course that’s what I’m going to recommend for you too. Here’s my basic guide for the half marathon training.

Find a friend or acquaintance who’s doing the race. One, because it’s easier to train and want to train if you have a buddy doing it. Two, it’s more fun to train and meet on race day with a buddy. And it doesn’t have to be someone you know. A girl from my high school ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon a few years ago and one of her friends introduced her to an acquaintance from England who was doing it too. Flash forward to now: she’s happily married to this foreign cutie and living in Europe. How fun must race day have been for her to meet her soulmate?

Have a reward system. There are two types of motivations: intrinsic and extrinsic. Having a reason to run is your intrinsic motivation; having a reward system is your extrinsic. It’s said the best way to succeed is to have both. Give yourself rewards at different milestones, such as signing up for the race, your first 3 mile run, your first month running, etc. Types of rewards include, but aren’t limited to: gluten-free cookies, a Dunkin Donuts Iced Latte (Embassy Suites San Diego location now open!), a running book, cool running shorts, etc.

Do a race pre-race day. This is especially true if you’ve never done a race before. There are a lot of fun races out there and it’s better to practice with a 3-miler and get pre-race jitters at bay than practice on your big race day come June 1st. If you’ve done races before, you know how fun they can be and how they help get you even more motivated to train and be ready for the big party in June!

Eat a well-balanced diet. This might be slightly obvious but it’s worth mentioning. It’s way easier to be easy going about training for a marathon when you’re in good health. And good health starts and ends with a healthy diet. If for you that means vegetarian, gluten-free, USDA recommendations or whatever, be sure to have fruits and veggies, eat junk in moderation and balance the different food groups with whatever you do. And if you’re like me, try not to eat white cheddar popcorn by the bags.

Invite your family and friends to watch on race day. I’ve done races with people in the crowd and with no one in the crowd and I have to say, it’s way more fun to party with your crew! Invite them along the race and to the post-race party.

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Have a great race day!


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