How to Plant Tomatoes

Here are some easy instructions to go along with our video on how to plant tomatoes for your summer garden.

  1. We went with nursery bought plants. If you start from seed, you’ll need to wait a little longer for your crop.
  2. Pick a variety of different tomatoes to hedge your bets on which variety will do best in your garden.
  3. Pick healthy looking plants with leaves that aren’t drooping and with no pests.
  4. We chose to get marigolds to plant right along with our tomatoes as their smell deters pests.
  5. Before planting, soak your new plants for a few hours to minimize shock during transplanting.
  6. Take a look at your new plants. Trim the bottom few leaves off because you’re going to bury them in the ground. Look at the junction where the branches meet the main stem. If there are smaller shoots, pinch them off.
  7. Before you get the plants in the ground, make sure your soil is prepared. For our soil, we hand tilled it and added fertilizer and organic compost.
  8. When planting make sure to arrange plants where you want them before digging and intersperse the marigolds between  the tomatoes.  When you dig, make sure you can bury the first three or four inches of stem to stabilize your plants after they get heavy with tomatoes.
  9. Once you’re done planting, give everything a thorough soaking. For the first two weeks, water every day. After that, switch to one or two times a week depending on weather.
  10. Sit back and watch your new crop take shape.

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