Exhibit Profile: Butterfly Pavilion at The Water Conservation Garden

We think The Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College is so wonderful. It’s relaxing, informative and just so pretty. When we were invited to the opening of the brand new Butterfly Pavilion, you know we were so there!

The Dorcas E. Utter Memorial Butterfly Pavilion is the Garden’s newest exhibit. It incorporates glass art with pretty flowers and butterflies. The exhibit was created to help educate all of us on the importance of butterflies and how to bring them into our gardens (the butterfly population is in a decline you know…the Garden wants to change that!).

We loved the Pavilion. We especially loved who the Pavilion was dedicated–the late Dorcas E. Utter sounded like an amazing San Diego lady.

This exhibit is great for kids, nature lovers and anyone who wants to enjoy the great San Diego outdoors.

Exhibit Info
Dorcas E. Utter Butterfly Pavilion
The Water Conservation Garden
Now Open!

Garden Website


2 comments on “Exhibit Profile: Butterfly Pavilion at The Water Conservation Garden”

  1. Clayton

    Hi. I’m Clayton Tschudy, the Director of Horticulture at the Water Conservation Garden. Don’t miss the Arbor Day event at the Zoro Butterfly Garden at Balboa Park! That whole butterfly garden is being refurbished and having new water smart features put in as part of the 2015 Centennial celebration under the auspices of City Parks and Rec and the Friends of Balboa Park. So, we’ll have two great new butterfly gardens in SD County, the Butterfly Pavilion and surrounds at the Water Conservation Garden, and the new Zoro Garden at Balboa Park!

  2. Varut

    Hahaha-‘there is no other way’!! Such devotion to style is very adamlibre. I also love the prints and colous on her skirt. I’d love to sit down next to her on a plane and get a real insight into her story- I’m sure she has some great tales to tell!

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