Rose Colors and Their Meanings…Give Your Valentine Something Good!

Rose Colors and Their Meanings #valentinesday #roses #flowers

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Yes…but do all the colors of these romance-steeped flowers convey the same message? If you give Granny green roses, does it mean you want to spank her? Let’s find out:

RED: Traditionally red flowers, especially roses, represent intense love and desire so save these for your significant other.

PINK: These guys mean grace, gentility, and happiness…a good choice for Granny.

YELLOW: A symbol of joy, lightheartedness and friendship. If you have a special someone you’d like to keep in the friend-zone, any flower this color is a good choice.

WHITE: Where do you see white flowers? A wedding and that’s good because these convey innocence, purity and humility…hopefully decking a wedding out with ten thousand of them still conveys humility.

ORANGEENERGY!!!!! Orange flowers act as a signal of passion, enthusiasm and warmth: a good choice for brightening up a work meeting.

PURPLE: Who wears purple? Royals. And Elton John. It’s fitting that they represent dignity, pride and success. These are a good choice for any parades you might attend or any grads you need to surprise.

GREEN: There’s fewer green flowers than you’d think and a lot of them end up as supporting players for the other popular colors but these actually do represent a pretty meaningful message: optimism, good-fortune, and resilience.

Good Luck on V-Day Wanderers!


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