Exhibit Profile: Real Pirates at San Diego Natural History Museum

Real Pirates Exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum Review from The Wanderer Guides #sdnhm #thenat #balboapark #whydah #pirates

This exhibit is a winner. Pirates, treasure, intrigue, adventure, mayhem, history…it has everything. I was so moved by one particular part in the exhibit, my eyes welled with tears. Hey, I appreciate a well designed exhibit!

If you like variety, you’ve got it here. We’ve never been to a more versatile exhibit–it has video, artifacts, sound effects, treasure, maps, prints, history, a replica ship, models, real life pirates (well, at least pirate actors), a science lab (the concretion room is so cool!) and more.

Explorer Barry Clifford is the man behind the exhibit. He relentlessly pursued discovering the Whydah and all it has to tell us about pirate history, history of the slave trade, and the history of the time period in general. He maintains the integrity of the Whydah by keeping its treasure and artifacts together for education purposes. He had a big hand in this exhibit, along with his amazing team, and we really appreciate it. Listen to my interview with him here.

If you want to see a real pirate treasure, learn about real pirate history and enjoy a well-designed exhibit, visit the San Diego Natural History Museum and the Real Pirates exhibit.


Exhibit Info:
Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship
San Diego Natural History Museum
Now thru September 1st

theNAT’s Website


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