Exhibit Profile: Capturing the Light at San Diego History Center

Maurice Braun, Balboa Park #art #balboapark #braun

California Tower by Maurice Braun. San Diego History Center

When you take two people who love San Diego and landscape paintings, you’ll almost always have a winner in an exhibit that combines these two elements. That’s why we spent more time than we intended in the Capturing the Light: Landscapes of Maurice Braun exhibit at the San Diego History Center.

We’ve loved viewing Braun’s works in past exhibits in the museum but having a whole gallery dedicated to his works was a fun sight to see (mind you, it was only a fraction of his works!). He’s one of San Diego’s best known landscape painters and is a prime example of California impressionist painting (think Monet but closer to home).

Braun was born in Europe and eventually made his way to San Diego in 1909 at the age of 32. Southern California proved to be an inspiration for this talented guy and he created A LOT of landscape scenes with his signature style (see Balboa Park above).

When you check out his works in this exhibit, you’ll know what you’re looking at–Balboa Park, Cuyamaca, San Diego Bay, etc. I think that’s pretty darn cool. Go before it closes in mid-February.

Exhibit Info
Capturing the Light
San Diego History Center
Now thru February 16th

San Diego History Center Website


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