10 Things To Do This Weekend in San Diego (1/18-1/19)

Yoga at Suzie's Farm #yoga

Here are 10 fun things to do in San Diego this weekend (January 18 and 19, 2014):

  1. Watch the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade on Sunday. It’s one of the largest parades of its kind and it’s happening along Harbor Drive and the Embarcadero.
  2. Exhibits. Closing this weekend: LEGO Train Exhibit at San Diego Model Railroad Museum (closes Saturday), Bottled & Kegged at San Diego History Center (closes Monday), C is for… at Visions Art Museum, Birds at Visions Art Museum, Recent Acquisitions from the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection at Visions Art Museum, Voices of the Next Generation at Fallbrook Art Center, Youth Art at Birch Aquarium (closes Tuesday) and Polyak, Regional and One Foot Shows at San Diego Art Institute.
  3. Buy some gems at the Gem Faire at the Del Mar Fairgrounds all weekend. There’ll be 70 exhibitors to check out so choose wisely!
  4. Learn something at The History of Balboa Park Lecture on Saturday. Happening at the New School of Architecture and Design, the talk will bring out the best of early Balboa Park.
  5. Be well at the Wellness Fair at Suzie’s Farm. The Saturday shindig will feature demos, talks, activities and walks. We so love Suzie’s!
  6. Honor a great San Diegan at Jerry Coleman’s Memorial. Petco Park hosts on Saturday.
  7. Join a multicultural festival with the 16th Annual San Diego Sheila R. Hardin Multi-Cultural Festival. The Saturday party includes food, dance, music and lots and lots of fun on Harbor Drive.
  8. Find some cool stuff at the San Diego Record Show on Saturday. Who doesn’t love a good record or two?
  9. Cheer on some runners at the Carlsbad Marathon on Sunday. It’s always so inspiring to watch people run…whether it inspires you to be active or to eat is on you…
  10. Eat! San Diego Restaurant Week starts on Sunday. There are over 180 restaurants participating…eat!

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