Southwest Airlines Gifts The Citizens of San Diego

Have you ever really wanted something awesome? Like an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle, and then when you crack open that wrapping paper you find socks?

This morning Balboa Park, in collaboration with Southwest Airlines unveiled what was hiding in the gigantic present to the city of San Diego that has been sitting in front of the San Diego Museum of Art for the past week. Turns out it means we’re now getting direct flight service via Southwest to Orlando, Seattle, New Orleans and Portland.  This brings some parts of the USA a bit closer to our little city which is nice if you have relatives in those areas.

We’re going to show you how a gift to a city or city institution is supposed to be done:queen


On Christmas Morning 1939 a beautifully wrapped present was delivered to the doorstep of the San Diego Museum of Art (then called: The Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego).  The Present was from Anne and Amy Putnam the sisters who had a notorious crush on then curator Reginald Poland. Upon opening the gift it was discovered to be a painting by Anthony Van Dyck of Queen Henrietta Maria of England painted between 1636 and 1638. It remains one of the flagship portraits that draw tourists to The San Diego Museum of Art. Now that’s a gift!


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