The Wednesday Dig: How to Pick Awesome Seating for Your Garden

How to Pick Awesome Seating for Your Garden. #sandiego

In The Wanderer Guides’s Garden (Patent Pending), we have some beautiful plants. We wouldn’t be able to properly enjoy all the wonderful specimens if it weren’t for the hardscape and décor we stick in the middle of our meandering gardens. Chairs, rocks, little knickknacks, water features, and even paint play a part in an interesting garden. After all, who’s favorite room has nothing in it?

Awesome Seating for Your Garden

One of the most fun parts in picking what you want for garden tchotchkes is the pieces don’t need to match; in fact, all your garden elements can develop a theme based on their randomness.

Comfy seats are a passion of mine (despite Pia’s unending enthusiasm, she enjoys a great sit too, especially when contemplating life’s deepest mysteries i.e. how to get Taylor to buy Kombucha in bulk). For our garden furniture, we kept a couple things in mind:

  1. DURABILITY: Your seating is going to be outside–make sure it can take a beating from the weather or at least make sure it can be easily painted to protect it.
  2. COMFY: Not just for you but for your little furry friends. Ours have to be kinda low because we have some height challenged pooches.
  3. MESSAGE: What do you want the stuff to say about your space?

This last one is the toughest; there are a lot of options for outdoor seating but what kind of image do you need it to convey?

We use a lot of succulents in the garden. Unfortunately, this makes the color pallet a little cool = Blue, Grey and Green. The most important thing for all of our décor is color because we have extremely COLORFUL personalities.  The most important thing for you might be a minimalistic style or even an ornate baroque-esque style or sharp lines. Whatever your message, decide on it beforehand and hunt for the pieces screaming it the loudest.

Finally, our favorite tip for where to pick up awesome zen-inducing garden furniture and knickknacks: THRIFT SHOPS!!! Indulge in the funky charm of things you find here and give them a new life!

Next installment: Awesome Garden Lighting.

Awesome Seating for Your Garden


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