Exhibit Profile: The Complete Frida Kahlo

The Complete Frida Kahlo Exhibit #art #frida

If you want to be absolutely amazed, see The Complete Frida Kahlo exhibit at Liberty Station.

The exhibit is all about Kahlo and includes:

  • 123 replicas of her works
  • over 500 pieces similar to what Kahlo would’ve owned or used (including jewelry, clothes and furniture)
  • photographs of Kahlo and her family and friends

Whether you love Kahlo or don’t know anything about her, this exhibit is for you. One half of The Wanderer Guides is a Frida fan; the other half barely knows anything about her and her work. We both loved it! Speaking from the perspective of barely knowing anything about her, I left with amazement, appreciation and a connection to her as a person and an artist.

We highly recommend the audio guide! It goes more in depth on her different paintings and pieces in the exhibit and really makes the difference in getting to know Kahlo.

It’s a HUGE exhibit. Meaning it took us 2 hours to get thru it….and we didn’t even stop and spend time on everything we wanted to spend time on. Know that going into it.

Exhibit Information

What: The Complete Frida Kahlo

Now thru March 9th

NTC @ Liberty Station, Barracks 3
2765 Truxtum Road
San Diego, California 92106

Tickets: $12.50-$16.50

The Complete Frida Kahlo Exhibit Website


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