Wellness Thursday: Do a 5K in November!

Fit Foodie 5K San Diego. #runs #sandiego #cool

Have you done a 5K yet? How about one this season? Running and/or walking a 5K is one of the most fun experiences out there. Whether you were an athlete when you were younger or avoided run day in PE like the plague (hey, I can’t be the only one!), you’ll find excitement in doing a fun race.

Fall is the best time to do a race because of cooler weather, end of year/holiday excitement and because there are a lot of really cool races right now. One such race: the Fit Foodie 5K! We’re kinda pumped…one half of The Wanderer Guides is signed up!

Cool things about the Fit Foodie 5K (or why I can’t wait until November 23rd…): Cooking Light and Health magazine are representing at this event including a group stretch and goodie bags, food stations, cooking demos, CorePower Yoga demos and more!

Never run a race before? Here’s a 5K in a month beginners guide.
Want to speed it up before race day? Here’s a 5K speed guide.
Afraid to finish last? Do it with a buddy…you can always breakaway last minute and finish before them!

Learn more about the Fit Foodie 5K here!

Sign up today!

Join us in participating! And let us know if you’re doing it (or cheering someone on!) and join the Fit Foodie 5K Facebook event!


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