How to Stay Safe at Night

“Better a thousand times careful than once dead.”  Proverb

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. It takes precaution and knowing the environment around us. Now that it’s starting to get darker earlier, it’s even more important to keep safe. Here are some ideas to keep safe when walking to your car/home at night:

  • Don’t Walk Alone. It’s always safer to walk in numbers, whether it’s your burly roommate or the person you chat with by the water cooler.
  • Walk in Well Lit Areas and Along Main Pathways. Don’t take that shortcut through the pitch black canyon or the sketchy alley just because it saves you 2 minutes.
  • Avoid Large Bushes, Dark Doorways, Etc. We have a lot of these areas in San Diego—be aware because people can be lurking.
  • Don’t Use Headphones/Listen to Music. It makes you disconnected from your environment.
  • Be Careful Crossing Streets. It’s harder for cars to see you (especially those of us who wear lots of dark colors!).
  • Walk with Purpose. Keep your head up and walk like you know what you’re doing.
  • Don’t Play with Your Phone, Etc. It’s easier to attack someone who’s distracted and oblivious.
  • Keep a Whistle or Something You Can Use As a Weapon Handy. You’ll be prepared to at least scare off any potential attacker.
  • Walk on the Side of the Road Opposing Traffic If You Walk Along the Street. This may be pretty obvious but so are a lot of things we all should know…
  • If You See Something that Makes You Nervous, Avoid. I’ve walked along the street instead of walking on the sidewalk because of suspicious looking people.  Do the same if you sense even a slight potential of danger.