4 Fitness Classes to Try in San Diego

Thursdays will now be wellness Thursdays here on The Wanderer Guides Blog. Why? Because it’s important! We’ll cover wellness happenings, ideas, tips, recipes and more in San Diego and in general.

This week, let’s talk about some fun fitness classes. If you poo-poo on fitness classes because you can’t dance to Zumba tunes and bootcamps feel like torture, you don’t know what you’re missing. There are so many classes to pick from nowadays and there’s something for everyone. Here are 4 fitness classes to try in San Diego:

  1. SkyZone. I am OBSESSED with trampolines. If I could create a house with trampolines for floors, I would. When SkyZone opened last year, I was the first in line! It’s all trampolines and all fun. Go during the week for less kids and try one of their classes if you so choose. Whether you jump on your own or with a class, you will torch some serious calories.
  2. Vertical Hold. Rock climbing is a lot of fun. You feel adventurous, sporty and hip without doing anything beyond spending some time in a warehouse. Vertical Hold has some great paid and free clinics, lessons and events for beginners and for experts like me (I wish…). Make sure you aren’t afraid of heights.
  3. AcroYoga. Whether you were a gymnast in your past life or have never had hopes to be a circus performer, you can take and enjoy this class. AcroYoga incorporates acrobatics, yoga and circus moves to create a fun and interesting class. If you want to try a new style of yoga or impress friends at the next party, try this class.
  4. Fun Pole Fitness. For those of us coordinated enough, learn to pole dance. You’ll get your exercise on without even realizing it and feel good doing it. Plus, it’s always nice to learn some practical skills and perhaps discover a new career path!