What to Plant in San Diego in September


After a brief hiatus, The Wanderers are digging in again. Here’s our advice on what to stick in the ground this month. Remember: in San Diego our growing season never ends.

Plant these seeds directly into the garden:

  • carrots
  • radishes
  • beets
  • peas
  • spinach

Start seeds in flats for:

  • cabbage
  • chard
  • onions
  • scallions

Keep beds moist.

In San Diego, it’s still awfully hot. The sun is extra brilliant so when starting the leafy veggies and greens, more filtered sun is needed than your mid-summer crops (like tomatoes).

It’s important to stay super organic and mild with your fertilizer for fall crops where you’re eating more of the plant (roots,leave,stems) as opposed to the fruits (tomatoes, cucumbers). We recommend a highly diluted organic fish emulsion possibly supplemented with a compost tea (available at City Farmers Nursery). Apply two to three times from the second week (when you see your little plants poke up) until the time you harvest them.

Happy digging!