10 Historical Societies of San Diego

10 Historical Societies of San Diego. #marstonhosue #sandiego

Did you know there are over 40 historical societies in San Diego? And we didn’t even include the countless number of societies preserving the history of museums, buildings, ethnic groups, military groups, women’s groups and more! In the spirit of San Diego’s amazing past, here are 10 historical societies of San Diego to know and enjoy:

  1. San Diego History Center. This is a great organization (and museum!) that preserves, promotes and protects the great history of San Diego. It was started in 1928 as the San Diego Historical Society by San Diego lover George W. Marston (who was one of early San Diego’s VIP citizens).
  2. Coronado Historical Association. Coronado is the coolest and this Association really does prove it with everything they do. They’ve been going strong since 1969.
  3. Save Our Heritage Organisation. SOHO is a biggie of SD. If you want to pay your respects to an organization that preserves some of San Diego’s best buildings (like the Whaley House, Marston House and more), SOHO is your idol.
  4. San Diego Archaeological Society. The archaeology of San Diego is taken care of by this Society. They specialize in preserving and sharing artifacts throughout the San Diego region.
  5. La Jolla Historical Society. This Society puts on a lot of events, exhibits and fundraisers. Their museum is going through a major renovation but there are still a lot of ways to learn and get involved.
  6. Escondido Historical Society. Museum, tours, classes, events, presentations, activities, and more are taken care of by this Society.
  7. San Diego Chinese Historical Society. If you are a fan of Chinese and Chinese American history, you ought to be a member of this Society. They do great work with the museum, exhibits, tours and more.
  8. Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation. The main preservers of the Gaslamp District of San Diego. They do a great job with tours, events, the Gaslamp Museum and more.
  9. Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation. The only US Marine Corps museum dedicated exclusively to USMC aviation history. And who doesn’t love seeing cool aircraft?
  10. Bonita Historical Society. Bonita’s culture, history, art, and education has improved because of the work of this Society. The Museum just opened a great exhibit full of regional artists and art.