The Wednesday Dig: Summer Planting in San Diego

Summer Planting in San Diego from The Wanderer Guides Blog. #gardening #gardeningideas #gardenideas #veggiegarden #sandiego

Alright folks: Summer starts tomorrow and we’re getting ready for fun and sun. Along with fun and sun comes fun in the garden! Here’s a list of what to plant right now in San Diego:

Beans, Snap & Pole
Good to Plant Mid March – August

Beans, Lima
Good to Plant Mid April – July

Good to Plant April – June

Corn, Sweet
Good to Plant Mid March – July

Good to Plant Mid March – July

Eggplant (plants)
Good to Plant April – June

Melons (Casaba, etc)
Good to Plant April– June

Good to Plant April – June

Pepper (plants)
Good to Plant April- July

Squash, Summer
Good to Plant Mid March- August

Squash, Winter
Good to Plant April – June

Sweet Potato (plants)
Good to Plant April – June

Tomato (plants)
Good to Plant March – July

Good to Plant April – June

Remember, plants have a hard time with Summer weather (just like people do) so take precautions:

  • When it gets hot, always water in the cool morning or if you must at night. Try not to wet the leaves because it can lead to fungus.
  • NEVER water in mid-day–the water will evaporate and it’ll act as a magnifying glass burning your leaves.
  • Veggies are the priority to keep moist because if they get stressed, they will lose their harvest. Next perennials and finally annuals.
  • Watch for signs of wilting leaves and water accordingly. Water deep and long as opposed to short and often.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!!!

Happy Summer Gardening!