9 Places to See Art in San Diego (Without Going to a Museum)

9 Places to See Art in San Diego (Without Going to a Museum) from The Wanderer Guides Blog. #sandiego

Art is beautiful. While seeing art in a museum is a wonderful experience, you don’t have to go to one to enjoy the beautiful art within our city. Here’s a list of 9 places where you can see art in San Diego without going to a museum.

  1. Libraries. Many libraries throughout SD have inspiring art and artists. The Coronado Public Library is a great example.
  2. Public Buildings. The County Administration Building is a pretty cool place to walk through!
  3. Hotels. Go into many of the major hotels in San Diego and you’ll see fine examples of art from local artists, local schools and beyond. Check out the US Grant Hotel.
  4. College Galleries. Most of the colleges in San Diego have great art galleries within their boundaries. USD‘s art is a must see.
  5. College Campuses. Beyond the galleries on college campuses, the campuses themselves have amazing art weaved into them. UCSD, with its Stuart Collection, is a fun way to view art in SD.
  6. Parks. San Diego’s landscapes and outdoor scenes have inspired many artists throughout the years so it’s only fitting there would be art in the different parks around the city. Try Cabrillo National Monument or Mission Trails for starters.
  7. Art Fairs. You’ve probably heard of the major art fairs but there are art fairs happening every weekend in San Diego. The Little Italy Mercato and Balboa Park’s Art Marts are fun events!
  8. Artist Communities. Artists are everywhere; it’s never more prevalent than at different artist communities where artists work, play and live. Space 4 Art is a great example. Spanish Village Art Center is another.
  9. The Streets! Street art is fun to find in SD. We love the Horton Plaza piece by Os Gemeos and our recent find in Coronado behind Delux Dogs (above).