17 Exhibits to See in May in San Diego

17 Great Exhibits to See in May in San Diego from The Wanderer Guides Blog. #sandiego #sandiegomuseums

May is an awesome month for exhibits in San Diego. With Summer almost upon us, museums around San Diego County are preparing their galleries for fun and interesting exhibits to attract crowds of people all Summer long. That means some great exhibits are closing and we must run to see them before they’re gone! Great for us! Some good ones are opening too. Here are 17 great exhibits to see this month in SD:

  1. Lifelike, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego: La Jolla. This exhibit ends at the end of May and gives viewers a chance to see ordinary objects in unusual ways. Go see it before it leaves!
  2. Lilia Gracia Castro, Centro Cultural de la Raza. See this Mexican-American’s solo exhibition giving a contemporary view of pre-Hispanic art. Starts May 10th.
  3. Bill Traylor, Mingei International Museum. A great exhibit showcasing one of the best artists from the American South. Ends May 12th.
  4. Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders, San Diego Natural History Museum. See creepy, crawly and unusual bugs at this exhibit designed to look like a circus sideshow. Ends June 2nd.
  5. Hamilton Press Lithographs, La Jolla Athenaeum. See some amazing lithographs from the 23-year old company. Starts May 11th.
  6. Alternative Accounts, The San Diego Museum of Art. This exhibit was organized by UCSD students and highlights Plains Indian Ledger Art. Ends May 28th.
  7. James Chronister, Lux Art Institute. Chronister does amazing work by using black dots on white to create detailed landscapes, interiors and more. Ends May 18th.
  8. Handcrafted Journeys: Japanese American Woodworkers in San DiegoJapanese Friendship Garden. See the evolution of woodworking techniques and products by Japanese-Americans. Started May 3rd.
  9. HERB TURNER: REALIST/IDEALIST, Oceanside Museum of Art. This exhibit gives viewers a chance to explore works delving into social commentary by a local artist. Ends May 19th.
  10. Slice of Truth, the Reality of the Renaissance, Timken Museum. See one of Giovanni Battista Moroni’s masterpieces (the first time this masterpiece has been seen in the western US in fact!). Started May 2nd.
  11. 52nd International Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute. See the winners of this international art contest. Ends May 26th.
  12. Jessica Lange: unseen, Museum of Photographic Arts. This photographer’s solo exhibit documents cultures seen in her travels throughout the world. Ends May 19th.
  13. Deadly Waters, The Living Coast Discovery Center. Visit the Center to see deadly fish and other water animals. Just opened at the end of April.
  14. 11th Annual SDSU Art Council Recipients, La Jolla Athenaeum. See some artwork by scholarship winners at State. Starts May 11th.
  15. Young Art 2013: The Story of Me, The San Diego Museum of Art. See the biyearly art show of kids K-12. Ends May 26th.
  16. Prospect 2013, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego: La Jolla. This exhibition gives viewers a view on the art scene of today.  Ends May 27th.
  17. Rites of Passage, San Diego Museum of Man. Great exhibit giving visitors a chance to explore the different major life events throughout cultures, countries and religions of the world. Started in April.