7 Museums in San Diego You’ve Never Been

7 Museums You've Never Been in San DIego from The Wanderer Guides blog

San Diego’s a big place.  While you may know all about The San Diego Museum of Art and the San Diego Natural History Museum, it’s hard to know of everything going on in the County. We did some of the work for you.  Here are 7 museums in San Diego you’ve never been:

  1. California Surf Museum.  This Museum, located in Oceanside, highlights all things surf…It’s not your grandparents museum!   They have exhibitions on famous surfers, the history of surf, the history of the surfboard, and surf photography.  Learn more here.
  2. Fallbrook Art Center.  Fallbrook Art Center is a unique and interesting venue for art.  At the end of the month, the Center will open their annual artist guild show: Fallbrook Art Center Artist’s Guild Annual Show.  Learn more here.
  3. Lux Art Museum.  This Museum is pretty interesting.  They want to help educate and inspire their visitors–they do so by showcasing real life artists who transform pieces into artwork before your eyes. James Chronister will be there for the next month and on exhibit through the middle of May.  Learn more here.
  4. Museum of Making Music.  Admit it.  You’ve never been to this museum.  Now is the time to change that.  Located in Carlsbad, this Museum highlights everything involved in making music: instruments, people, manufacturing of the instruments, marketing of the industry, music concepts and etc.  Learn more here.
  5. Oceanside Museum of Art.  Although you may have heard of it, have you ever been?  It’s wonderful.  They regularly hold events and tours to help educate the public on art.  Learn more here.
  6. San Diego Archeological Center.  You’ve heard of the Museum of Man but the San Diego Archeological Center takes archeology one step further.  They always showcase archeology and San Diego’s past in their exhibitions.  If you want to learn about San Diego of yesteryear, this is the place to go.  Learn more here.
  7. Visions Art Museum.  Do you like fabric? You’ll love Visions Art Museum.  They exhibit contemporary quilts and textiles in a fun way.  Their current exhibition is called Playing with A Full Deck and highlights quilts of the 52 card images (and 2 jokers!).  Learn more here.