10 Ways to Get Out and Enjoy San Diego Today

Today is a beautiful day, and we’ll get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather even longer thanks to Daylight Savings. Here are 10 ways to get outside and enjoy this beautiful San Diego day, whether you’re at work or have the day to play:

    1.) Spend your breaks walking outside.
    2.) Open the windows and let fresh air inside.
    3.) Savor the Flower Fields in Carlsbad.
    4.) Drive to Balboa Park at lunch and watch the activities around you.
    5.) Get a tan at Coronado Beach.
    6.) Hold your committee meeting outdoors.
    7.) Call a friend and schedule a run at Lake Murray after work.
    8.) Read under a tree.
    9.) Watch the sunset at La Jolla Shores.
    10.) Drive to Otay Lakes and watch the stars dance to life after sundown.