5 Cool Places in Normal Heights

5 Cool Places in Normal Heights, San Diego by The Wanderer Guides

Normal Heights is a pretty cool area of San Diego.  Founded in 1906, it’s artsy, hip and a fun community to take part in.  If you want to spend the afternoon on Adams Avenue between the 15 and 805, here are 5 cool places to check out:

  1. Pilgrimage of the Heart.  Do you like yoga?  Whether you’re a novice yogi or full blown yogini, Pilgrimage of the Heart has something for everyone.  They have classes ranging from beginners to advanced, teacher’s training classes, and free events like movie nights, meditation and vegetarian potlucks.  Their website.
  2. Blind Lady Ale House.  After your ‘OM’ moment, drink down a pint at this local ale house.  They have a great atmosphere and plenty of craft beers to try, along with pizza and yummy appetizers.  Their website.
  3. Adams Avenue Bicycles.  Need a new ride?  Check out Adams Avenue Bicycles for all your bike needs (or to fantasize about that $5,000 high-tech one you ABSOLUTELY need…seriously, I do…).  Check out their website for more.
  4. Viva Pops.  They have many different types of popsicles that change seasonally–fruit, dairy and goat cheese based.  I loved the goat cheese popsicle with lavender and honey.  Their website for more.
  5. Adams Avenue Book Store.  We love reading and books.  We also like to frequent bookstores and spend all our money.  You can too at Adams Avenue Book Store! Their website.